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Being supported by an eminent manufacturer of control equipment such as Crestron is not just a matter of necessity and technical nature but a matter of status. A specialized Crestron module’s development gains the stability and quality of communication between your product and the Crestron control system. When developing a driver or control module, the device must pass a series of tests to obtain Crestron Connected status. By obtaining this status, your device enters the market as stable and reliable for management. It thus represents the best choice for AV system integrators as the preferred device for implementation in the AV system.
The Crestron control module can be developed for any device or software that is controllable and has some kind of API (Application Programming Interface). Electronic devices typically have TCP/IP, serial, or IR command lists, while software has APIs. If your device or software does not have any of these, it cannot be controlled by the Crestron control system.
Despite the time, money, and effort invested in developing a full-featured API for a device or application, it can all be in vain if a programmer does not know how to interpret the API, develop work code that provides desired functionality, and understand how to effectively implement a device or software into an AV system. Working with Crestron developers who specialize in control systems, such as ONIO Interactive, is a great way for a software provider or manufacturer to ensure efficient external interface design properly supported by the Crestron control system.
Development depends solely on the quality of the API and the product. A module can be developed with a quality API in a few days, while a bad API can cause weeks of module development until stability and quality communication is achieved.
As requirements become higher and budgets and deadlines smaller, AV system integrators sometimes do not have the knowledge or time to invest in the effort required to develop their control module. As the “no programming required” approach gains popularity and efficiency due to reduced cost, time, and ease of implementation, system integrators often opt for such a solution. The availability of a pre-developed control module can set products apart when selecting a specific device or application for a specific project.

Business users

Independent software companies, such as ONIO Interactive, allow AV integrators to expand their knowledge and discover new possibilities they may not have even known existed. Partnering with an independent software company can help the specific needs of project programming and strengthen and improve knowledge of internal resources.
Although many AV integrators employ their control system programmers, establishing a relationship with an independent software company like ONIO Interactive offers flexibility, scalability, and better efficiency. Collaborating with an independent software company allows internal management system developers to focus on key customers and typical projects and systems, leaving unique, customized, and large projects for external resources.
One of the greatest values that an independent software company, such as ONIO Interactive, brings to collaboration is its knowledge base from past experiences in different situations. As a result, lessons learned can always be applied to future situations. Consultants often seek to validate the information they receive from manufacturers and integrators who want to sell a particular piece of equipment or solution to the client’s detriment. Independent developers can be independent parties that share unbiased feedback and can provide the information needed by consultants to make effective design decisions.
Of course, you are at the right place! Also, What the company can offer in that case is unbiased audio-visual consulting, working closely with clients at every stage of the project.

End users

Absolutely! One of our core businesses is a smart home. As ONIO interactive is a software company that, after all, creates a user interface, we help end-users in the process of creating a smart home from idea to realization.
If you need to control your TV and lights in the living room, Crestron is probably not the cheapest solution. If we are talking about a leader in the AV industry, then it is Crestron. Like any leader, it guarantees top-quality and reliable devices, which ultimately reflects on the price. The Crestron system’s biggest advantage is its infinite adaptability to any situation, which in other control systems is not a situation. Moreover, each of the other systems encounters boundaries when it comes to complex systems. Therefore, Crestron is the logical and only option when designing complex and luxurious control systems.
The Crestron control system can work with any device that is manageable and has the appropriate API. The protocols that Crestron communicates with are most often TCP / IP, IR, RS232 (serial), and it also provides control via relays or digital inputs/outputs.
Every project is different, some more complex, some simpler. As we approach each project individually, it is impossible to determine a fixed price for the service. We can determine the requirements and scope of work required to implement them and then estimate the costs.
The Crestron control system can control any type of object. If we talk about the ideal cases where Crestron stands out, these are complex management systems. Examples of this are large and luxurious smart homes, educational institutions, yachts, cruisers, military facilities, visitor centers, audiovisual centers, hotels, conference facilities, or other large facilities.
If it is a Crestron, BIAMP, or QSC platform, then yes. If you want to upgrade your system with a Crestron control system, then we can also help. Otherwise, we can’t help.

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