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We are a team of ambitious young people specialized in programming audiovisual control systems via Crestron control equipment.


In today’s world, where every electronic device is controllable, we are the ones who eliminate a bunch of unnecessary control panels and enable control of the entire system through one device – tablet, smartphone, or computer. With creative solutions, we push the traditional audiovisual experience boundaries and extract its maximum potential from the equipment.

Services we Provide

Residential Programming

A smart home is no longer just a future. It is our present. Whether it is a complex object, a luxury home, or a small cottage in the woods, ONIO will turn all your dreams of a smart home into a reality.


Corporate Programming

Smart systems are not just a desire. They are a need. Each facility consists of hundreds of devices, whether small, simple, large, or complex, and sometimes it is difficult to achieve control and supervision over all devices. ONIO can bypass this or any other problem and make your system intuitive and easy to use.

Marine Programming

Life can be identified with the sea. As a human species, we strive to discover new vistas and thus push the boundaries of luxury. From elegant sound and picture control to the integration of lighting, blinds, air conditioning, and navigation systems, ONIO will allow you to sail into a new dimension of pleasure together with the system.


DSP Programming

In addition to the Crestron certificate, we also have Q-Sys and Tesira certificates. A DSP audio processor is much more than a conventional audio matrix. If you want good sound distribution and a manageable system in one, ONIO will ensure that your system reaches its maximum potential.

Driver Development

Today, everything is smart, and of course, not all new devices available on the market are an exception. We can do this, and your device becomes part of a managed system.


Audio Visual Consulting

Every part of the audio and visual project must be designed and ultimately set up to meet the requirements. We offer objective consulting to describe and explain each part of the process and draw attention to the pros and cons of the system, all to facilitate the purchase decision.

Our Clients

End Users

Do you want an intelligent audiovisual system and don’t know where to start? ONIO helps end-users choose the best solution for their needs and make the process from concept to realization painless.


Device Manufacturers

Today, device manufacturers are promoting their products as easy to manage, resulting in the need for additional control modules that simplify their equipment’s programming. ONIO develops modules and drivers that help manufacturers create more efficient and adaptable products for their customers to make the product open for management through a central audiovisual control system.

System Integrators

There is a great need for excellence in the fast-paced world around us, and it is even harder to meet the high demand in a very short time. We understand that system integrators are faced daily with the need to address large and complex audiovisual projects and that it is difficult to maintain excellence in a narrow area. With the common primary goal of customer satisfaction, ONIO helps system integrators create an efficient and seamless smart management experience.




After obtaining a master’s degree in electrical engineering and information technology in electroacoustics, Filip enters the world of audiovisual engineering. In the first years, he was focused on the auditory part of the industry, the other few years on the visual part of the industry, until he was completely in control of the audiovisual systems. Filip is a certified Crestron programmer, and, among other things, he is certified by QSC and BIAMP.

Filip Horvat



Daryna’s path as a programmer begins after earning a master’s degree in applied mathematics. Working on projects such as smart homes, management systems for hotels and public institutions in Italy, Germany and Hungary, Daryna acquired the necessary practical knowledge and skills that she later certified with a certificate. Today, she is the owner of a KNX certificate and is a certified Crestron developer.

Daryna Feldshtein



Designer with six years of professional experience in the field of digital design and visual communications. Master of Media Design and PhD student in communication sciences with a focus on research into new methods of human-computer communication. He combines research and theoretical paradigms with application in the real sector in the field of user experience development and the creation of digital interfaces for applications and websites.

Jurica Mustač

UI/UX Designer

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